eCommerce Integration

Ecommerce integration is a data transfer between your ecommerce website, and it’s back-end accounting and inventory system ERP. Ecommerce integration allows you to save a bunch of time and simply put - you only need to enter your data once for it to get transferred all along through a bi-directional transfer of data.

Simply put, eCommerce integration is the coordination between a company’s eCommerce site and back-end accounting and inventory (ERP) system.  Proper integration enables the flow of information bi-directionally between the two systems meaning data only needs to be entered into one system once.  This results in various efficiencies such as inventory levels automatically updating across all channels and systems once product is sold on the eCommerce site and as product gets received into a warehouse and added to inventory.

What we can do with eCommrce Portals

  • Integration with ERP & CRM
  • Integration with Cloud Telephony
  • Integration with Payment Getaway
  • Shipping and Address Validation
  • Order Confirmation on IVR Call / Missed Call
  • Call & SMS Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Conduct Survey on IVR Call & Eamil

eCommers and CRM Integration

eCommerce CRM integratio

To harmonize the applications certain entities need to be synced on a scheduled basis. This includes the following.

Customer information

Customer information along with the shipping addresses must be synced with the CRM application to ensure that CRM users are equipped with information when dealing with customer requests. This will form the basis for further integration.

Order History

Complete order history along with line items and pricing information must be synced from eCommerce solution into CRM. This will help dealing with order modification, cancellation or additional requests.

Delivery / Shipment Sync

The shipment information along with the tracking details must be synced to ensure that support representatives can help the customer with this information.

Invoice and Credit Memo

Invoice and credit memo information must sync in bi-direction manner. Thus any cancellation in CRM must reflect in eCommerce application as well.

Abandoned Cart

Using customer browsing history and Google Analytics , it is possible to see what products are customers looking at. If products are being added to the cart this information could be relayed to the CRM application.


eCommerse & CTI Inegrations

Integrate eCommerce and Telephony

1. Minimum Human Intervention

Integration leads to greater amount of energy and time with CRM users. Efficient information management system lets the company focus on catering to the customer’s needs. Fusing the powers of computer and telephone creates an environment armed with information that can be transformed into meaningful insights. Automatic dialling through CTI eliminates long hours spent on dialling the contacts. Click dialling also allows CRM staff to divert more time into the conversation than monotonously dialling numbers.

2. Track information from other sources

Some events are not recorded directly in the CRM such as text messages, personal dialogues, and Social media messages. The telephony solution comes with tools which will help you keep track of information you receive from other sources. Once the information is available at a singular spot, you can comfortably reach out to it while in need.

3. Cross-use Analytics

The application of business analytics differs for CRM and cloud telephony. This will also depend upon the kind of information involved and its use. The CTI system will provide you with information on the timing, duration, and frequency of phone calls. Integration of CTI and CRM leads to a consistent flow of information to know your customers fully. This information includes interaction on social media platforms, contacts browsed, the level of responsiveness to calls and emails and general level of interaction with customers.

4. Scope of Customization

If you are using Salesforce and Twilio as respective solutions, they provide huge scope for customization. One such browser-based call center software builds using Twilio is Talkdesk. It readily integrates with Salesforce and with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Skills-based Routing, callers are routed to the agent who is most qualified to meet their needs based on customizable data. With real-time and historical reporting, call monitoring and call recording, agents and managers can make data-driven decisions based on comprehensive information.

5. Improved Data Analysis

Customer needs can be clearly understood by analysing data. With CTI and CRM coming together, series of data-related functions can be executed with high efficiency: utilising records for business planning, tracking and logging of calls and acquisition of information in CRM following every call. In this way, the business leaders have insights for better decision making.

To know more about Maruti Techlabs’ CRM and Cloud Telephony integration and development capabilities

eCommerse and ERP, Website Integration

Integrate cutting-edge quality

The Shopify Integration enables you to link an online Shopify store to your ERP, Websites, Cloud Telephony Solutions, and Support Centers easily.

If you are new to selling online, the integration makes it easier when setting up your first store, and makes it easy for you to manage sales, inventory, and reporting. Cloud telephony integration enables easy way to communications with you customers, Agents and wanders.  Shopify is able to integrate with virtually any ERP solution through our RESTful API to give you the insights you need, while also taking advantage of our best-in-class ecommerce platform.

If you already have an ERP solution, get in touch and we'll be happy to discuss if solution is a fit for you.

If you have a Shopify store, you can use the integration to streamline your operations by managing your inventory and sales reporting in a single system.

Business Benefits

Following are the business benefits of integrating eCommerce and CRM application. Not only can it eliminate lost sales, but also help in attaining a loyal customer base.

Preventing Lost Sales Follow up on abandoned cart

Automated notification or customer e mailers can be defined within CRM to go these customers. Additional incentives can be provided with proper budgeting to drive sales. Similar notification can be provided to customer who have set up a price watch for certain product.

Efficient customer support

By integrating the application, the customer support and feedback mechanism can be made efficient. The team can work solely within one application and drive customer satisfaction.

Customer Loyalty Management

You can define customer loyalty management rules within CRM application so that the accurate points can be calculated and redeemed by the customer.

Instant Promotions

Instant promotions can be given to the online customer at a specific time based on their order history or on total order value in the past.The rules for the same can again be set up within the CRM application.

Personalized Campaign

Based on the customer’s browsing history, you can customized the campaign to the right audience. For example if there is a discount on printer, the campaign can be targeted to all the customers who are browsing the relevant or related products.